The Printed Fox: March 2014

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's totally been forever...

...since I posted here.

Lots of stuff going on, most of it personal, but all of it really...really time-consuming.

I finished my current WIP! Yay me!

Seriously. I've been working on this piece for a year, but with school and toddler and everything, I didn't touch it for more than half a year.

Then suddenly, Boxing Day 2013, BAM! Life event causes total breakdown of all motivation killers, and I bust out ten thousand words in two days. In seven weeks, the bitch was done.


It's over 120k words, but still. Damn right it's a parade. 

I'm hoping this means I'll be posting here on a more regular basis again. But The Printed Fox might be one of things I update sporadically, which means I know I'll never get massive traffic here. Ah well.

Oh yeah, and I'm moving. Yayfunjoy. I can't seem to stay in one place very long, apparently.

Anyway, just had to share. Stay tuned, because the editing process for Duchess of War has begun, so look for a release date later this year! I'm hoping my publisher will have it out this summer, but I'll have to seriously kick my ass to get it in release shape by then.

We'll see.


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