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 Of Hallowed Fiends and Darkest Fortune
Novelette prequel to Duchess of War, coming in 2014

She was the spoiled only child of a wealthy country lord, with a reputation as "used goods."

After rumors of her running wild at night with a commoner in taverns, Anya is drugged and forced to wed the Duke of Eodel, the wealthiest and most powerful Lord in the kingdom. When he strips her naked and whips her through the streets of Eodel for the marriage procession, she is humiliated. After weeks in his dungeons, her defiance is exhausted and she despairs at her fate. Once she is delivered to her nuptial suites and locked inside, Anya comes face to face with the darker side of her new husband.

He is a cynic and a sadist.

More than his reputation was on the line when the Duke of Eodel wed the lowly Earl of Allimor's strumpet daughter: untold wealth was his for the taking. All it would cost him would be to wed a wild, spoiled brat in the habit of throwing tantrums when she didn't get her way. In his cruel instruction he finds the pleasure he always derived from a woman's pain as she slowly broke beneath his ministrations, but with Anya he finds something troubling. As she goes deeper into her own surrender, her beauty and passion move him.

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Naughty Hot Shots Double Shot - A D/s Duo Fantasy

Exactly as the title says! This Naughty Hot Shots - Double Shot is the first of it's kind! It's a D/s Duo Fantasy!

It contains two kinky short stories, both about the fantasies of two women entering into D/s relationships - or wanting to very, very badly.

The desire is excruciating, the need is demanding, and in both these explicit shorts you will crawl into the mind of the submissive, experience their desperate passion in the drive to submit, mind, body and soul to a Master...

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Devil's Bitch

Norelia, Imperial heir and zealous second-in-command of the Endless Army, is cornered by a wager against her father, the Emperor. The stakes? To marry the winner of the next Summer Games in order to ensure the continuation of the Imperial line.

Confident she will win the Games and the wager, she is devastated when a mysterious contender named Reoth defeats her and claims not only the title of Champion, but claims Norelia as well. A misplaced note reveals Reoth and her father placed wagers on Reoth's ability to "tame" her, proving it was all a game after all.

When her father is killed in a surprise invasion, the Empire stands on the brink of war and Norelia is thrust into the center of it with Reoth, a man she'd sooner kill than trust. As Reoth admits knowledge regarding who is behind this invasion, Norelia must determine where his true allegiance lies before the Empire, and her heart, are destroyed forever.

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Campus Sexploits 4: Foreign Exchange Students

“How Do You Say ‘All Over Me’ en Español?”

Yolanda’s a teaching assistant at a prominent East Coast university, as far away from her embarrassing Mexican, Southern Californian family as she can get. Here, she has a chance to bury her roots and redefine herself. When the gorgeous and irresistible Eliseo comes into her class from the Study Abroad program, his Guatemalan features and sweet nothings whispered in Spanish get her Latina blood boiling like never before.

She can’t risk her job flirting with the students, but Eliseo is relentless and taps into her homesickness, long denied. Can she resist this serious breach of protocol? Will she let Eliseo teach her the passion and beauty in her heritage she never realized was there?

This is the fourth book in a series of anthologies all about the fantasy fun days of youth. Four naughty, college/university-themed erotic short stories to tantalize and tease the senses and give readers a taste of the wickedly erotic worlds these four fantastic authors can weave: worlds of incredible, earth-shattering sexual freedom involving college or university students and the kinky antics they participate in. Worlds you can just feel yourself fall into...

And this one has a sexy language barrier to overcome!

What will our foreign exchange students do to get their point across?

How far will they go to tease and please the one they want without using words?

What could one understand better than the universal language of the body?

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