The Printed Fox: Candy Cane Kink Bloghop and Giveaway

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Candy Cane Kink Bloghop and Giveaway

Welcome to the Close Encounters With the Night Kind and Natasha Blackthorne Candy Cane Kink Bloghop!

Who wants some awesomely delicious Christmas Kink? 

Candy Kane Kink 

Christmas is fast approaching, and Yule even faster. We celebrate Yule and Twelfth Night. It's so much fun, giving presents and celebrating with my family for thirteen days instead of just one. I wanted to share a little of that with everyone!

My giveaway for this bloghop is a $10 gift certificate to the Naughty Nights Press e-store! Naughty books galore! All you have to do is leave a comment sharing what it is about the excerpt to my book Of Hallowed Fiends and Darkest Fortune that makes you want to read it! One winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email. I use CommentLuv as my comment system, so leaving an email should be really easy!

The winner will be chosen on Monday December 17 and contacted via email. I'll also announce the winner here, on Facebook, and Twitter.

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Gentle hands pushed up her skirts, worked her bloomers down around her knees. Those same gentle hands smoothed across the soft roundness of her buttocks. Not even her doctor had touched her so intimately. Despite what everyone else gossiped, Anya was a virgin. Sneaking out of her bedchambers to gamble and drink barley beer was different than sneaking out for a tumble in the haystacks!

That warm hand continued to caress her smooth skin, and then that voice like seductive sin pierced through her wails. "Now, you know this must be done, my dove. Crying will only delay it, which will displease me. Had you not struggled, I would not have to add to your punishment." He stroked her cheeks and sounded truly sorry.

How his voice could be so gentle when his treatment had been so cruel, Anya could not fathom.

"Your first crime was being insolent in our bedchamber. Then you tried to escape your fate. Thirdly, you struggled and tried to strike at me. And lastly. . ." He tsked sadly. "You should not have bitten me, sweetling. At least," he chuckled darkly, "not without my permission."

The warm hand was replaced with the brush of the cold wooden paddle and the difference in sensation made her go perfectly still. He wouldn't paddle her.

Not really? He couldn't!

"Forty paddles seems fair." He chuckled. "For your first time."

This was madness! Her heart lodged in her throat.

She heard the swish of the paddle fly up through the air --she tensed-- then the Duke brought his arm down and the paddle landed across her buttocks with a solid crack!

Stinging fire blossomed across her cheeks. The sting seemed to grow in the aftermath. Anya wailed and squirmed, trying to escape the fire to no avail.

The Duke sighed, content. "One. . ."