The Printed Fox: Devil's Bitch Excerpt

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Devil's Bitch Excerpt

Happy Hump Day! It is once again time for the Hump Day Hook, where writers get together and share little hooks of a work-in-progress, a new release, or anything of theirs they want to hook you into knowing more about!

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For this week's hook, for a change of pace I'm featuring Devil's Bitch, which will be my next release. Reoth, Imperial Champion and for all intents and purposes Norelia's betrothed, storms past the guards who had been keeping him out of her command tent.


He whipped aside the tent flaps and immediately wished the guards had followed orders.

Norelia stood with her hands on Baruk's chest, engulfed in his beef slab arms. Hands like ham hocks squashed her against his freakishly wide chest. While his topknot hid their faces from Reoth's view, there could be no doubt.

They were kissing.


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