The Printed Fox: Duchess of War Excerpt

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Duchess of War Excerpt

Happy Hump Day! It is once again time for the Hump Day Hook, where writers get together and share little hooks of a work-in-progress, a new release, or anything of theirs they want to hook you into knowing more about!

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For this week's hook, I'm once again featuring my WIP, Duchess of War. Anya is getting to know her new maids, who also had served the former Duchess of Eodel.


Amélie shook her head. "That's the strange thing about it. The late Duchess was an excellent swimmer, and she visited the seaside in Tynes all the time." Her voice grew bitter. "The Duke and Lord Tynes are practically brothers."

"Hush, Amie. Tynes couldn't have done anything." Margaud shifted on the bed, not wanting to jostle Anya.

Amélie jumped up from her place on the floor and folded her arms as she glared out the window. "Well, someone did."

"I don't understand." Anya's voice caught in her throat. She swallowed hard and realized she did understand and just didn't want to.

Amélie looked over her shoulder at Anya, pain and loss etched in her face even after all these years later. "We think she was murdered."


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