The Printed Fox: Hump Day Hook 2/27: Devil's Bitch

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hump Day Hook 2/27: Devil's Bitch

Happy Hump Day! It is once again time for the Hump Day Hook, where writers get together and share little hooks of a work-in-progress, a new release, or anything of theirs they want to hook you into knowing more about!

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For this week's hook, for a change of pace I'm featuring Devil's Bitch, which will be my next release. Norelia, Imperial Heir and internationally infamous shrew, is talking with Reoth while about to face here biggest challenge yet, and quite possibly her death.


"In Narran, we are soldiers all our lives. Of course I understand."

"I'm so sorry, Reoth." She shrugged. "I just didn't know how to be anything else. And then Father's note, and Baruk..."

"It's all right. Baruk's your best friend. He was there for you." He sidled his horse closer, wanting to touch her.

"He was safe." Now she was fiddling with the tooling on her saddle. He didn't think he'd ever seen her so unguarded before, even when she was screaming and writhing on his bed as he-- No! Focus. He shifted in his saddle, which had become a bit uncomfortable all of a sudden.

"He would never make me look at anything I didn't want to, and it almost cost me my empire."

"No. I was arrogant, and I hated the Empire. Your father." He swallowed. "Hated you--"

She gave a bitter laugh. "'Devil's Bitch.' It's what they call me, isn't it?"

"--but I don't anymore."

She shrugged. "It's all right. I am a bitch."


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